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Jimmy Livefjord
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At the moment Smart UV are on hold and are not being maintained. Smart UV should be stable until the 2.79 release but after that you may experience some bugs. 

Included tools:

Fill selection - make an edge loop for example and easy fill the inside or outside of that selection with just one click. Works exactly as my smart select addon but for the uv editor.  

Reunwrap - unwrap only the selected Faces in the uv editor.
Re-Unwrap Smooth - This option will unwrap the selection again but not cut them out.

Align island rotation by edge - This command makes it possible to align islands by selecting one edge. The island will then snap to a horizontal or vertical axis depending on what is closest, you can select several islands at once.   

Shortcut: Shift + mmb scroll

Align islands - align islands in a row. work in all directions

Context sensetive Rip tool - Work in all modes. In Edge/Vert the rip will decide what side of your selection will be ripped based on where you spawn your pie. If you make a selection that creates an island blender will rip that off (if you spawn you pie menu while your mouse is over that part) keep in mind that you need to use the pie menu in order for this function to work properly.

Snap uv - Snaps selected vert/Face/Island to closest unselected. 

Shortcut: Ctrl+mmb scroll - increase/decrease value. 

Toggle UV
- Makes the sync in Blender between the uv editor and 3d view work better.

Shift rotate - Snap rotates selected cw/ccw. (set angle in prefs.) 
Shortcut: Shift MMB scroll up/down.

Select shortest path tool.  Work just like the 3d view but now even in the uv editor!

Select face loops - works just like in the 3d view.

Copy rotation -  Will be included in another version only placeholder right now.

Spread Loop - This tool will move the vertices of selected edge loops inside the uv editor and make them have the same proportions as in the 3d view - just with on click! 

Why the slow progress?

At the moment we are waiting for the release of Blender 2.79, there are just to many bugs in Blender at the moment and because of this it's not worth it to work on new tools until these issues are fixed. 

Upcoming features

* Interactive cut. Cut your islands and they will update in realtime in the UV editor, no need for seams or unwrap.



Straighten both X & Y

at the same time based on how the uv lines actually look in the uv editor NOT based on actual geometry or based on a square uv grid. 

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