Smart Select

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Smart Select

Jimmy Livefjord
45 ratings

Two file versions included,

1. ss1.3.2_cc3fZlJRuuuB8ebCSYEq - older blender versions

2. smart_select_1.4.4. - Works for Blender 2.8.0

Smart select makes selecting things in Blender much more easy. with just one click you can select things that Blender by default can't handle.


      • NEW! Paint select tool, work like Blenders default "circle select" tool but without the the size cursor and on the fly. can easy be combined with all other selections as well. 

      • You can also fill an object and using your previous selection as a frame! 

  • Delimit function has been added to all commands on Smart Fill.
    Alt+MMB will change Delimit option.

  • Loop select works on everything from a simple box to complex shapes, use Alt+MMB to grow selection. 

  • Work in all modes, In face mode select linked flat faces will be activated, in edge and vert mode a loop will be selected.

  • Change all shortcuts easy. 

  • Get graphical feedback on the screen what angle you are using, you
    can also customize: color,placement,duration,size etc.

  • Set what angle you want the addon to use by default.

Stay Tuned for more updates!

I want this!


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